About us

Divulge Adventures we are a well-established Eco-tourism travel company with vast experience handling inbound and outbound holidays for every type of tourist from domestic to international. You can never buy happiness, but traveling can make you happy! We at Divulge Adventures make your traveling dream come true. We focus on satisfying all your travel needs by adding a personal touch and unmatched attention to each customer's needs in every package we design. Our packages fit every type of tourist, from the budget, mid-range to luxury, providing a unique opportunity to combine bush and beach adventures.

We package the East Africa spectacular sceneries, not forgetting the rest of the world's hidden treasures! We offer attractive holiday packages in Kenya, Africa, and beyond. We design our packages with the idea of protecting and conserving the environment. We mind our future generations to come and still enjoy nature in its pristine state.

We're also represented on Safaribookings.com

Why Choose Us?

• We focus on designing exceptional tours and travel in a wide range of packages to popular, little-known, and exciting destinations to make your holiday rememberable.

• Divulge Adventures is home to every type of tourist, whether extravagance or traveling on a budget.

• It is the only place you get customized safaris based on your specifications and tailored tours that fits your budget.

• You get the best value for your money from our massive tour packages. You choose the most suitable ranging from safaris, weekend getaways, beach holidays, hiking, camping and mountain climbing, and even team building activities.

If you are looking forward to a thrilling, relaxing, fun, rewarding, and adventurous holiday, reach us to plan your unforgettable dream holiday.

Our services include

  • City tours and excursions
  • Inbound and Outbound tours
  • Discounted Hotel bookings and reservations
  • Bird watching treks and ringing
  • Tour planning
  • Mountain climbing
  • Forest trekking
  • Biking tours
  • Camping tours
  • Air ticketing
  • International holidays
  • Kenya safaris and excursions
  • Beach tourism
  • Budget travel


Be the most trusted and innovative travel management company in the world.


Our mission is to create the best possible travel experience for our clients, family, or business partners and offer various services that will help plan an unforgettable vacation with ease and confidence. At the same time, we provide high excellence and quality service to the customers and foster better understanding with our clients as we work on developing comprehensive travel products for all kinds of travelers.