Team Building Rapids Camp Sagana

Destination: Kenya

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Destination: Kenya

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Team Building Rapids Camp Sagana - White Water Rafting Centre

Are you looking for a team-building event that will take your team's collaboration to the next level? Look no further than Rapids Camp Sagana. Known for its exciting and adventurous activities, Divulge Adventures offers team-building events at this picturesque location that will help your team bond and grow. Rapids Camp is the perfect place for a team-building experience thanks to its serene environment and endless activities. From trust-building exercises to adventure sports, there's something for everyone. With the help of skilled instructors and the beautiful Kenyan wilderness as your backdrop, your team will feel refreshed and strengthened in their ability to work together towards common goals. Trust us; your team will remember this incredible experience at Rapids Camp Sagana.

Divulge Adventures combines these activities with their professional team-building facilitators, who offer more detailed teamwork-enhancing games that will see your team develop trust and respect amongst team members, encourage open communication, and foster a positive workplace culture. Without effective team building, conflicts between team members may arise, ultimately hindering productivity and the team's overall success. 

Investing in team-building activities is crucial for creating a positive and productive workplace. At Divulge Adventures, we understand the importance of promoting respect, trust, and collaboration among team members. Join us at the breathtaking Rapids Camp Sagana to develop valuable skills that extend beyond work and improve relationships both in and out of the office. Let us help you foster teamwork and propel growth in your organization. Trust us; your investment will be worth it.

Team Building Goals:

  • Increase communication
  • Improve productivity
  • Foster creativity
  • Develop relationships
  • Enhance engagement
  • Enhance teamwork & unity
  • Build trust & boost morale
  • Have fun (etc.)


  • Round transport
  • Team building Props
  • Zumba & Icebreaker activities
  • Facilitation, photography
  • Drinking water
  • Swimming

Excluded Optional Activities:

  • White Water Rafting
  • Ziplining
  • River Glides
  • Kayaking
  • waterfall Challenge
  • Rapids Pludge
  • Bungee Jumping