4 Days Serengeti National Park Safari

Destination: Tanzania

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Destination: Tanzania

Price: Ksh 0 per person

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The Serengeti National Park is a well-known safari destination in Africa. Lions, elephants, zebras, and wildebeest are among the animals found in the park. The Serengeti, however, is defined by the Great Wildebeest Migration. Millions of wildebeest and zebras traverse the park yearly for food and water. This annual migration is one of the most incredible natural events you will never forget.

Aside from the Great Migration, the Serengeti National Park features some of Africa's most beautiful scenery. The park's vast grasslands prevail, although there are also highland woodlands, riverine forests, and kopjes (granite outcrops) to be found.


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  • Government Taxes 
  • Meals 
  • Safari Cruiser 
  • Unlimited Drinking Water


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Day 1; Tarangire National Park Game Drive

After breakfast in Arusha, depart for Tarangire, where you will experience a game drive, lunch within the park, and a nighttime drive out to Motto Cottage.

Day 2; Serengeti National Park Game Drive

After breakfast in Arusha, depart for the Serengeti, where you will have an afternoon wildlife drive, lunch at the Serengeti's Naabi gate, dinner, and sleep at Osero Tented Camp (entire board).

Day 3; Serengeti National Park Game Drive

Spend a full day in the Serengeti National Park, watching wildlife, eating dinner, and camping at Osero Tented Camp.

Day 4; Ngorongoro crater Game Drive

After breakfast, depart the Serengeti for Ngorongoro Crater, descend to the crater, enjoy a wildlife drive, lunch at the Hippo Pool Picnic Site, ascend, and return to Arusha.